Quelques Corps Favorables

                                A project by Benny Nemer

Quelques Corps Favorables (Several Favourable Bodies) issues from Nemer’s on-going artistic research into the postcard collection of author and photographer Hervé Guibert, which was dispersed among his friends after his 1991 death from AIDS. In 2020, Nemer began identifying the postcards based on references in Guibert’s photographic oeuvre. He proceeded to “re-collect” them one by one with the help of friends and lovers who he asked to visit museums across Europe in search of replica postcards, a gesture that aims to create a transhistorical link between Guibert’s kin and Nemer’s own. This website presents artworks that use as material the growing mass of postcards, epistolary writing, and other ephemera that accumulate as Nemer’s research unfolds, taking form through still life photographs, audio guides, and sculptural arrangements. 

The first expression of this research is Trois Lettres Parisiennes (Three Parisian Letters), a series of photographs with accompanying audio pieces. Nemer’s artistic research is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.                      

      Trois Lettres Parisiennes

          No.1 Dear Hervé
             No.2 Dear Julia
                No.3 Dear Conny